Batman V Superman

The first superhero movie that joins action, philosophy and nostalgia — three elements that were always present in classic comics, especially in Batman’s. It’s deep narrative combined with the amazing sequence of action — always artistic! — makes an incredible aesthetics experience to the spectator who enters in the atmosphere rooted in a tense drama. It demands not only disposition to face tragedy and contradiction, but also surrender to the act of the superheroes. It is all about power, fighting and transcendence; sarcastically funny, powerfully strong, incredibly human.
It should be noted the importance of women role. In most superheroes movies, women are confined to the second plan of the plot; whereas, in this movie, in spite of its title, the female characters are as important as male heroes.

In time, I’ve heard professional film critics around the world aren’t appreciating this movie as the fans. Maybe because [1] they aren’t comic books readers and/or [2] they expect superheroes movies to be just like Marvel’s movies. Batman V Superman is a complete different world — with a very own language, which seems film critics aren’t able to speak of.

In my opinion, the best superhero movie ever made.